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The gemiusAudience study conducted in Denmark integrates several research components in order to generate media planning data:


  • gemiusTraffic – a site-centric measurement system (collects usage and traffic data),
  • Software Panel  - a group of people who have filled in the recruitment survey and installed our monitoring software,
  • Cookie Panel – a group of people who have filled in the recruitment survey,
  • Offline structural research – independent research, conducted on a regular basis using offline methods (describes demographics of the internet user population).


Data mentioned above are combined by means of the Data Integration module to provide in-depth information about web site usage and structure of internet visitors.


The site-centric data used by the gemiusTraffic system combines traffic/usage data for all internet users who visit web sites that implement the site-centric tags. Thanks to the site-centric measurement, information about every single page view made by users and its parameters is known.


There are two components to the user-centric measurement: a cookie panel and a software panel. Panels are groups of people with known demography (like gender, age, interests, etc). The cookie panel provides very detailed information on usage of web sites participating in the site-centric audit. The software panel also allows to gather information about sites without a site-centric measurement, as their internet activity is monitored by dedicated software installed on their computers.


gemiusAudience data is published once a month with data for the previous full calendar month.


Indicators that are available as a result of the study are described in the Indicator Definitions section.


If you would like additional information on gemiusAudience, feel free to contact Gemius.